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RSC Merch is a sister company to Restaurant Sports Club (RSC Sports Club), located in North Bergen, New Jersey. Restaurant Sports Club has been organizing sport leagues for Hospitality & Service workers since 2001. We have been a big part of the hospitality community within the NJ/NY tristate area for decades now. As a result of the growth of RSC Sports Club, in 2016 we opened up a screen printing uniform department within our organization. We direct print to garment on all our league uniforms and promotional apparels.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we decided to use our screen printing resources for a good use and create an eCommerce platform for our leagues, our members and others in the hospitality industry that has been financially affect. Our new found company will be the outlet to help raise funds, not only for this pandemic but for other future financial assistance.



In the times that we are in with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we felt that it was necessary to come up with a platform to help Hospitality & Service workers that were recently laid off and businesses that were shut down. Being part of the NJ and NY metropolitan area, where the pandemic hit the hardest, we feel that it’s crucial that we all help one another out any way we can. Therefore, RSC Merch was created to give assistance to all those that are in need of raising extra funds through our platform.


Main Goal

Our main goal is to make a successful eCommerce platform so that it can really help the ones in need now and continue in the future. We also aim to bring excitement to the consumer with affordable, innovative design ideas and quality apparel brands for everyone to proudly wear!


We will continue to make upgrades in our system and products so that one day we can look back and see that we made a tremendous difference in so many people’s lives. Whether you joined our fundraising campaign or just purchase our products, we want to bring good energy to everyone we can!


Graphic Design Department

RSC Merch has partnered up with Sueworks LLC to bring us the best artwork and graphic designing to our products and website. Raul Rubio, founder and owner of Sueworks is one of the best urban and ultramodern graphic artist worldwide. His vision and artwork will bring a tremendous positive energy to the design ideas on this platform. Sueworks will feature their latest designed apparel, gallery artwork and restaurant interior design services. MUST SEE! 

Sueworks is the head designing department for all RSC Sports Apparel and Products. RSC is looking to step its game up on being one of the top sports apparel company across the country. We look forward to showcasing our new brand of designs and style!  


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