Support The Cause


How To Support

Support The Cause fundraiser campaign was created to assist Hospitality / Service small businesses and workers that are in financial hardship. Through our Fundraiser Collection, anyone can help with just a purchase of a t-shirt. Proceeds will go to the individual or business that the t-shirt represents. All fundraising details will be shown on the products page. Once you made a purchase, you will receive an email with a THANK YOU! and the fundraising details you supported.  

Remember, we all at one point or another have been to a restaurant, club, movie theater, fast food places etc.  Some may even worked in these types of businesses at one point of your lives or have kids that do. Imagine if the roles were reverse. This can help out tremendously!


How Can You Benefit By Supporting?

  1. You get to pitch in for small businesses stay alive and unemployed hospitality/service workers get back on their feet.
  2. Cool t-shirt for a reasonable price, no tax and with free shipping.
  3. Special discount codes for other products on our site.

Thank You & Hope We Get Your Support!